Agropoli and around


Agropoli is one of the most important and lively towns of Cilento. Its large marina, pedestrian areas in the city center and in the historical center, traditional and comfortable hospitality and the picturesque and famous beach of Trentova, make Agropoli a very important touristic center, where one can shop but also enjoying the untouched beauty of this place and the many typical dishes of Cilento.


Just 15 Km from Agropoli, there  is Paestum, one of the most important archaeological site in Italy.  The Achaeans founded on the Salerno gulf, in the VII century a.C., the town of Poseidonia , wich still constitutes with its three Doric temples (so-called Basilica, the Temple of Neptune and the Temple of Ceres) the most significant and impressive complex of the Magna Grecia. Interesting the walls of the ancient city (with four input ports) that stretches for 4,750 meters: it was built by the Greeks and later strengthened and rebuilt by the Lucani and Romans.

Parco Nazionale del Cilento

Agropoli is the natural  gateway to Cilento and Vallo di Diano National park. It is the second largest park in Italy. It stretches from the Tyrrhenian coast to the foot of the Apennines in Campania and Basilicata, and it includes the peaks of Alburni Mountains, Cervati and Gelbison and the coastal buttresses of Mt. Bulgheria and Mt. Stella. The extraordinary naturalistic richness of the heterogeneous territory goes hand in hand with the mythical and mysterious character of a land rich in history and culture: from the call of the nymph Leucosia to the beaches where Palinuro left Aeneas, from the ruins of the Greek colonies of Elea and Paestum to the wonderful Certosa of Padula. And everything else you can find in such an unexplored territory.


Parco archeologico Elea - Velia
Certosa di Padula
Capo Palinuro